Friday, October 5, 2012

SepTTTember 2012

This is a glass-half-full report. Total legal jobs increased by 6K year-over-year; however, there are only 5K more jobs than September 2010. Further, I normally work with seasonally adjusted numbers and September looks a little out-of-whack compared to the previous year (see the prior year post). Whatever. It's not like there's a campaign going on or something.

In other news, if you read my blog roll you'll see commentary on what is hopefully not the start of a noxious trend. UC Hastings reduced its class size 20% while simultaneously increasing tuition 15% to make up the lost revenue. So, the school will end up with fewer, more deeply indebted graduates. Let's be serious: prices are sticky downward and I suspect the temptation to increase the class size in future years while keeping tuition the same will be irresistible. "Hey, on an inflation-adjusted basis we reduced tuition!"

Not seasonally adjustedSeptember20111,110,900
Seasonally adjustedSeptember20111,114,500
Change from Aug-12 to