Sunday, January 18, 2015

December 2014

Though the economy has recovered — an 11.2% U-6 is relatively good — one industry seems to lag. At this point you would have to be an idiot to go to law school, which is exactly what is happening. As I type this, seven schools have a first-year class with a median LSAT below 145; these stoodints are in the bottom-quartile of test takers. But wait, there's more! The ABA allows schools to waive the LSAT for up to ten percent of their incoming students. You know, the ones who when asked what they got on their SAT reply, "Drool."

If you think law school has a bad outcome now, wait until a legion of idiots starts failing the bar, squalls online, and the media picks it up and runs with it. Basically, the schools plan to pull the entire "profession" down with them and are laying the groundwork in private. Knowing your students will never pass the bar, you either get rid of it with Diploma Privilege or have the examiners weight the results, all in the name of fairness/opportunity/diversity. The alternative is to acknowledge the academy accepts unqualified students and let John Q. Public think graduates of non-elite law schools are dumb as bricks. Pick your poison.

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