Sunday, July 17, 2016

Some lighTTT reading

Some Predict Tuition Increases Under Hillary Clinton's College Plan

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton’s plan to allow most Americans to attend public universities at no cost could have the perverse effect of driving tuition higher as the federal government chased a tuition target that universities would simply raise at taxpayers’ expense, some experts warn.

Good article, with lots of relevant links. One of the experts quoted believes that the Federal Government will still get a good return on its investment.

Monday, July 11, 2016

June 2016

One of these years, when I'm less lazy, I'll modify my table to show figures from further back. The industry is an inert blob that eats people but stays the same size.

In other news …

A little while ago I wrote about the Feds bringing down the hammer on an accreditation agency and openly wishing they'd do the same to the ABA. Well, they did! Sort of; it's an administrative wrist slap. Things should get more interesting in the future as the ABA reiterates its commitment to educational quality, even as some of its accreditees experience wholesale bar exam failure.

Not seasonally adjustedJune20151,128,300
Seasonally adjustedJune20151,119,200
Change from May-16 to