Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Be on Tee Vee

From a JDU post:

Volunteer needed for CBS Evening News segment

I'm working with a producer at the CBS Evening News to put together a segment on the employment and debt crisis among recent law school grads. We need someone who:

  1. Is a recent law school grad
  2. Has a large amount of law school debt (at least six figures)
  3. Is either unemployed or seriously underemployed
  4. Is struggling economically as a result
  5. Is articulate, and comfortable with the idea of being on camera

Ideally, this person will have gone to law school for reasons that would resonate sympathetically with a general audience, i.e., not because he or she was confident a law degree was going to make them rich. Also, this person should have relied on misleading employment statistics when deciding to go to law school and to incur large amounts of debt in order to do so. Having a family (spouse, and or child/children) is also a plus. It would be helpful if the person was either fairly close to the New York City area, or in the Denver metro area.

If you would like to participate, please email me ASAP at paul.campos@colorado.edu. Thanks in advance.


  1. You know, I have no doubt that all the law school scam of late is entirely legitimate. That said, looking through the requirements for this law school volunteer ad, it's clear that there is propaganda at work equal in measure to the horse manure law schools are spewing. How about we simply present the facts of the dire legal profession--wholly free from propagandistic spin. We need moderation and balance, not polarized evangelism.