Monday, September 24, 2012

Internet Voter Registration Day

Notwithstanding my comments in a previous post, I encourage everyone eligible to vote this November to register. You truly marginalize yourself if you don't. Further, please keep an eye on SOPA, PIPA, and their bastard cousins. The mass internet protest was one instance where Congress did listen. I operate several web sites and participated in the online protests, which is the main reason I was amenable to spreading the message below.

The US elections are coming up. Are you ready?

This year, we saw just how dangerous the deep corruption in American politics could be to the open Internet.

On behalf of big media companies, elected leaders almost passed SOPA & PIPA, bills that would have censored the web and destroyed some of the best sites online. Meanwhile, the Justice Department used massive amounts of public money to destroy Megaupload, a free service many of us used every day.

Why did so many politicians side with media companies instead of voters? It's simple: they thought they could get away with it. Only 41% of Americans voted in the 2010 elections [1]. And turnout for Americans under 30--who overwhelmingly knew about SOPA and opposed it--was just 20.4% [2].

But this year we can change that, forever. Why? Because the Internet gives us a perfect platform to register and mobilize new voters, and we're building the tools to make it happen. The first step is a voter registration widget you can embed in your website.

If you're not registered, click here to try it out --

If you have a website, we're planning our first day of action this Tuesday, September 25th. Tuesday is "National Voter Registration Day", and the plan is to get hundreds or thousands of sites--large and small-- to join in and register their users starting that day.

Got a website? Sign up here to participate and get the code --

And if you use Facebook or Twitter, help us spread the word about "Internet Voter Registration Day" on Tuesday:

Thanks for being a part of this!


Holmes Wilson and the whole Fight for the Future team.



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  1. Should we vote for the child-killing banker-whore with the "D" next to his name, or the child-killing banker-whore with the "R" next to his name?

    The turnout numbers justify the regime, even if you write in yourself or the Green Party or Big Bird. The illusion of "fair and open democracy" depends upon registering and showing up.