Monday, December 10, 2012

November 2012

Pick a number. Any number. Every time I look at last year's entry, I notice the BLS revised its original figures by a few thousand. Basically, the modest growth over 2011 is potentially a statistical artifact that could disappear the next time employment figures come out. Sucks to be one of the 45,000 newly minted ABA grads.

I wish actual sociologists would take up this discussion, picking up where scambloggers leave off. What drives lemmings? PresTTTige? Lucre? Parental pressure? Terminal credulity? I'm serious. Someone needs to investigate and identify what goes through these individuals' heads. My theory is education in general, and law school in particular, have become one giant moral hazard. Perhaps once the researchers publish their findings, the necessary public policy changes can be made. One can only dream.

Not seasonally adjustedNovember20111,117,900
Seasonally adjustedNovember20111,116,700
Change from Oct-12 to

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  1. Special snowflake syndrome motivates many of the lemmings. Even though MANY bright, gifted people before them failed to make it in law, somehow the individual lemming - often with a 151 LSAT score and a seat at a TTT - believes in his little heart and mind that HE is going to set the academic world on fire. The delusional mindset is truly tragic, and the taxpayers should not ultimately be on the hook for such idiotic ventures.