Monday, January 21, 2013

Read this inspiraTTTional sTTTory


"A man who wore a three-dimensional Bucky Badger hat when he allegedly robbed an East Side credit union last week told police that he wants to go to prison and needed the money because he has $250,000 in student debt.

An online UW-Madison directory lists Hubatch as a lead custodian at Union South on the UW-Madison campus. University spokesman John Lucas said Hubatch is not a current student but earned a bachelor's in English in 1998 and a law degree in 2004."

Some of you whiners claim your JD weighs you down like a millstone. What you need to do is follow the lead of this "slightly autistic" University of Wisconsin JD and take the bull by the horns mop by the handle. Does this guy sit on his couch all day playing Call of Duty? No! He cleans the damn couch and probably Scotchguards that sucker, too. Thanks to his JD and hard work, he's not just a janitor, he's the LEAD f*cking janitor.

PresTTTige: he haz it.

Now, how to handle his $250K student debt? Some people would IBR it and live happily ever after on a custodian's wages; however, a 49-year-old guy with untreated medical issues will never see the light at the end of the tunnel. Instead, he now gets three hots and a cot, and free medical care, too. Plus, what are his creditors going to do, levy on his prison commissary account?

This is exactly the kind of real-world problem solving you learn in law school. The ABA and UW must both be so proud. As for Hubatch, he may become the best jailhouse lawyer there ever was.


  1. The country is fucked.

    But you knew that.

  2. This guy will actually have a better chance of practicing law in the big house (handling habeas corpus petitions, appeals, stays of execution, etc.) than he ever did after he graduated from law school. Three square meals, a warm bed, gym, cable tv and protection from your creditors? It sounds like this guy isn't that crazy after all in pulling off this robbery and asking to get caught and in the process say a big "FUCK YOU UWISCONSIN" by bringing along Bucky Badger (Wisconsin's lovebale mascot) for the heist.

  3. This is a great find, PresTTTige!

    There will be a learning curve, as surely there are several inmates who are better jailhouse lawyers in that facility. What does that say about "legal education"?!