Friday, July 5, 2013

June 2013 was a Weilly bad month

Don't get too upset about the 3,200-job loss from May to June. The gummint makes wholesale revisions in subsequent reports and the June loss could shrink to nothing. It could go the other way, of course.

What should upset you is that June 2010 employment was around 1,110,000. Law school enrollment is down but we are a long way from the point at which the market can absorb all new graduates; even approaching that point would draw the vast horde of un- and underemployed prior classes out of the woodwork. It will take a generation for the market to correct what the ABA has perpetrated.

Not seasonally adjustedJune20121,133,700
Seasonally adjustedJune20121,121,900
Change from May-13 to


  1. Of course, the law school pigs don't give a damn about the lawyer job market facing recent graduates. After all, they "expand minds" and instill "critical thinking skills" in their college-educated students.

  2. The real problem with the legal profession is that it has become feminized. The majority of new attorneys are women. Originally only men could practice law. Even when women were admitted to the bar, the profession was still masculine and the vast majority of lawyers were men. The tide has turned. Women are the new lawyers (Cohen, Atlantic, 2013). When women flock to a profession, it gets stained as feminine and the pay plummets.

    Why does this phenomenon happen? Why is their a wage gap? Because women don't like to do real work. They like to gossip, get involved in drama, and sleep around. How many women machinists, welders, plummers, oil rig workers are there compared to their male counterparts? Women are perfectly suited for HR work, sales, clerical, and escort services positions NOT law. Also consider that, on average, women have 7 points of IQ lower than men (Jones, The Guardian, 2005). The average woman cannot function at the same intellectual level as the average man, coupled with an adversion to hard work. The law is no longer a noble profession. It's in the same category as secretaries, hair dressers, and kindergarten teachers pay wise. JD is a girly degree. Might as well get a PhD in Women's Studies to go with it.