Saturday, August 3, 2013


I made the mistake of ambling over to the ABA Journal to peruse Law school financing system in need of ‘serious re-engineering,’ task force says. Like many media websites, it ranks articles by views, comments, and e-mail forwards. So, what is this presTTTigious "profession" focused on this summer weekend?

As we can see, the Cooley suit and the law school financing reform article didn't interest readers as much as treadmill desks. The ranking changes in real time and both articles fell off the page while I was typing this.

I confidently predict that a Stetson associate dean scraping gum off her shoe would garner more interest from ABA Journal readers than a judge agreeing law school is a total scam. Especially if she was blowing a prospect at the time.

P.S.: Ignore the $15/hr contract article, #8. That's just a figure some scambloggers fabricated before being caught and excoriated by sharp-eyed law academics. Lawyers really make tons of money, as well-documented by a pair of Seton Hall and Rutgers professors. Big pimpin'.

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  1. I laugh when I see "law professors" testify in front of state legislators or Congre$$ about the need for stringent regulations on other industries. Yet, the cockroaches are silent when it comes to the the foul, vile conduct of the ABA and the law schools.