Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Peter Cammarano epilogue

Noted Seton Hall Law graduate Peter Cammarano was disbarred by the New Jersey Supreme Court today. He's notable mainly because other than former Valvoline Dean Patrick Hobbs, no person associated with the school ever raised Scott Bullock's ire more. He'd be just another ex-con — we have many — if not for his repeated appearance in Scott's posts and comments.

From Tom the Temp:

Hey Tom, the mayor of Hoboken, Peter "Scam-arrano," who was arrested today and charged with 5 counts of accepting bribes is a 2002 Seton Hall grad.

Hilarious! He learned fraud and corruption at the knee of master scammer Pat Hobbs, known as Seton Hall's infamous "Valvoline Dean" for his oleaginous, used car salesman persona and shameless molestation of salary/employment data. Scammarao (the Hoboken mayor) even had a Traffic Court Clerkship under his belt!

Scott frequently reproduced or alluded to one of my all-time favorite quotes, such as here.

Cammarano once even removed his wristwatch and told a crowd of summer associates: "You see this watch? This watch cost more than a year's tuition at at Seton Hall. That's who I am, and you're nothing."

See for more.

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