Saturday, June 6, 2015

May 2015

There was a small gain year-over-year. Get your application in NOW!

In other news, "Paula Lorona, a former assistant director of financial aid at Arizona Summit Law School, claims that starting in May 2014, all three of InfiLaw's schools — Arizona Summit, Charlotte, and Florida Coastal — began offering $5,000 payoffs to students who were unlikely to pass the bar exam"

More, here. Meanwhile, I have this stuck in my head.

Finally, ATL issued its 2015 law school ranking, using employment outcome as the main criterion. I prefer library seats, myself. The usual suspects top the list. After that it becomes random, peppered with nonentities whose claim to fame is the local market is relatively less saturated. That's how Temple makes the cut and USC doesn't. My school did; I stopped putting it on my résumé years ago and my education has been useless both professionally and personally.

Not seasonally adjustedMay20141,115,400
Seasonally adjustedMay20141,118,800
Change from Apr-15 to


  1. Why don't these rankings include law library carrels? After all, that can only add to the commode's "prestige" and that of the law degree, right?!?!

    1. Absolutely! The criTTTeria for ranking are codified here. Kidding aside, Cooley's ranking system is as good as anyone else's. WSJ noted last year that the rank of the top schools hadn't changed in the forty years since a sociologist investigated it. There are a shrinking handful of schools whose J.D. portends a good career outcome. The rest of them, no matter where they rank in ATL, USN, etc., are an expensive crapshoot.