Monday, June 6, 2011

All those lemmings have to be going somewhere

BLS just released employment statistics. The legal services industry shrank by 2,700 jobs between May 2010 and 2011. Meanwhile, another 44,000 lemmings graduated.

AmLaw Daily speculates some will find jobs ... with onshoring firms. I'm posting about two recent NY Times articles one of these days, but the gist is that most openings require experience.

You 0Ls and 1Ls ought to cut your losses and bail. As for upperclassmen, you're going to have a latte competition. Enjoy IBR.

P.S.: The BLS has previously revised law employment downward after reviewing figures, and there's no guarantee May 2011 won't end up even worse than reported.

Not seasonally adjusted May 2010 1,109,500
Mar 2011 1,108,000
Apr 2011 1,106,700
May 2011 1,106,600 -2,900
Seasonally adjusted May 2010 1,113,100
Mar 2011 1,112,100
Apr 2011 1,111,400
May 2011 1,110,400 -2,700
Change from: Apr 2011-May 2011 -1,000

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