Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The votes are in

I put a survey up two weeks ago after reading Knut's post on First Tier Toilet! lamenting going to law school as the "stupidest thing I have ever done." Frankly, I didn't get enough responses to be statistically valid, but I'll note that five out of six TPLP readers agree.

All I can personally say is that I graduated going on two decades ago, from a school that had a decent regional reputation, and am still mad. The feeling subsided maybe five years out as I moved on with my life, but returned with a vengeance in recent years and grates on me every day. I hope every reader for whom law school didn't work out is eventually able to leave it behind with no ill effect.

To the four people who voted "No," what is worse than law school? Going on the sex offender list? The PhD in Korean pottery? Guessing wildly wrong on the world ending last month?

Also, there are no doubt people for whom law school was a roaring success, but they're too busy #Winning to be reading this blog.


  1. I didn't vote in the poll, but I reserve that superlative for my undergraduate major decision.

  2. I didn't vote in the poll, because I do not visit this site often. I once - okay, SEVERAL TIMES - slept with a married man's wife. The guy was a raging wacko, with about ten handguns and rifles in the house. I didn't get caught, so I would still say that attending law school was the worst decision I ever made. And I had a full-tuition scholarship to attend Third Tier Drake. (In addition, under the other situation, I was able to share many orgasms with this incredibly hot chick.)

  3. Oh, man, so the anger will subside and then return? I left the law a year ago and I am still repaying my loans. I was hoping the anger would go away once I wrote that last check...