Sunday, March 11, 2012

February 2012

This is one of those glass half full reports. The industry gained about 5,000 jobs year-over-year, a decent showing after a long period of contraction and slow growth. Of course, during this time nearly 50,000 people graduated and another 50,000 are due shortly. Things are so bad that even Columbia Law School is fudging its numbers. From the NY Post:

Some students reported having jobs paying $160,000 lined up. But legal-staffing firms reported placing recent grads of both NYU and Columbia in paralegal and support staff positions for as little as $35,000.

"I’ve never seen more attorneys applying for non-attorney jobs," said Tony Filson, president of Filcro Personnel, a staffing firm in New York.

"They’re all from top schools," said Maritza Murphy, a legal account manager at DeltaForce legal staffing. "Columbia, NYU, Fordham. A lot of small law firms are hiring them in paralegal jobs because they can get them at a lower cost."

TLS posters should read the last paragraph until it sinks in. C'mon, read it again. And, again. Got it? A CLS degree may not get you even a shitlaw associate position in the largest, possibly healthiest, legal market these days. That's pretty much everything anyone reading this blog needs to know. If Columbia and NYU have a cold, the NY-area toilets must have pneumonia.

Not seasonally adjustedFebruary20111,107,600
Seasonally adjustedFebruary20111,114,700
Change from January 12-February 12800


  1. Hell, back in September 2009, Elie Mystal of ATL reported on how Columbia Law told its students to attend the undergrad job fair:

  2. I know one 2010 Columbia Law grad, who finished in the top 25%, who is now working as an immigration paralegal in Brooklyn. I am sure this person makes no more than $35K with no medical insurance or benefits. Happy days are gone and are not coming back any time soon.