Monday, May 28, 2012

Plug for a new forum

I'm encouraging readers to visit and participate in JD Junkyard. JDU has jumped the shark, IMHO. While I'm not an old-timer, I joined JDU when it was still a vibrant hangout for disaffected lawyers and law graduates. Lately, it's been overrun by trolls and drooling nitwits. There is still quality content, but like TLS, it's not worth wading through the crap to get to it.

Please note that I have no association with JD Junkyard and was not asked to publicize it.


  1. That is a good forum. Unfortunately, it has not yet achieved much of a following. I provided a link to it on my blogroll. Hopefully, that helps bring more attention to that site.

  2. I appreciate it, thanks both of you!

  3. Too bad JDJunkyard the scum trash mod is a ban happy piece of christian trash.