Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bitter loser whines in Op Ed

Hat tip to Nando for Law school fundraising: Solicitations will be bitterly denied.

A shiny wit named Bob Larson writes he is aggrieved to be solicited by his alma mater. Dude should have studied harder and networked more. Should also have matriculated at Minnesota; as Scott Bullock could have predicted, employers were underawed by his stint at the William Mitchell Intellectual Property Law Clinic.


Read this, boys and girls.

Going to law school has irreparably damaged my career. It took years to slog through law school, wallow in unemployment, find an employer who would take a chance on a guy branded with those scarlet letters — J.D. — and finally make my way back into my undergraduate field. Years that I should have spent gathering expertise and accomp-lishments, contributing to a 401(k) and building my professional network.
So much for the JD Advantage™; it truly is a worse-than-useless piece of shit. You could find thousands of Bob Larsons on LinkedIn and probably thousands more, including yours truly, who don't list their JD at all.

Do your school, the environment, and yourself a favor: if you don't want to be solicited then ask to be removed from their mailing list.


  1. Breaking news: graduating from a high-priced toilet does not help one's employment prospects.

  2. I've asked, but the solicitations just keep coming...

    1. It took two requests to get my undergrad school to stop contacting me, but it worked. There is almost certainly alumni office contact information on whatever they send you.

      Give it another shot.