Monday, March 28, 2011


Entrepreneurs have unveiled a site, Shpoonkle, to mate brokeass clients with brokeass attorneys. Find a need and fill it.

Briefly, prospective clients pose their legal quandary and lawyers bid on resolving it. Bids can be hourly rate, contingency, flat fee, or pro bono. In short, a reverse-auction eBay for legal services, with both a Priceline name-your-price model and competition from Indian LPOs sure to follow. What could possibly go wrong?

There was an old motorcycle helmet ad that went, "If you have a $20 head, buy a $20 helmet." Thanks to Shpoonkle, should that $20 helmet fail you can go to court with (what's left of) your head held high to seek ju$tice against the manufacturer, all the while represented by the low bidder. Hell, even the People's Democratic Republic of New Jersey allows towns to go with the lowest responsible bidder. Seems you get what you pay for.

Soon-to-be-brokeass students are also welcome to register; Shpoonkle dont (sic) need no stinkin' resume. The ad below (click on it to enlarge) effectively tells you you're fucked, but it's undoubtedly a fake created by a bitter JDU loser. Feel free to ignore it. The site will aggressively defend you when the inevitable malpractice suit hits. I kill me.

Shpoonkle fits right in with a presTTTigious "profession" that daily plumbs new depths in compensation and dignity. Let me know when there are corresponding sites for doctors, dentists, auditors and other actual professions.

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