Saturday, March 26, 2011

Unpaid jobs becoming the new normal

Employers now expect people to work for free, minimum wage laws be damned. Seems the number of people looking for work far exceeds demand and employers would rather take a chance with brokeass interns than pay a living wage. You can now go to school for seven years for the opportunity to work for nothing. Woot!

PresTTTigious shitlaw firms have jumped in feet first. In their case you may obtain the training and experience you should have gotten in school but didn't, avoid a résumé gap, and possibly get a reference. It's win-win, for the school and law firm, anyway.

The Labor Department is well aware of what is going on and auditing and fining companies. My prediction is that presTTTigious employers will begin CHARGING to work, probably by billing the hapless graduate for the trainer's time and also for overhead (desk, phone, office equipment, etc.). If you're lucky, a partner may even let you carry his presTTTigious briefcase for free when you accompany him to court.

P.S.: Legal "internships" on Craigslist are almost always illegal. Flag them as prohibited. Click on the following for samples.

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