Thursday, May 9, 2013

JD Junkyard bites the dust

The forum is gone. Looks like the admin threw in the towel and is letting the domain registration expire today. At least we still have both TLS and JDU. Yay.


  1. JDU is garbage. Junkyard also took down its Twitter page. The discussions on that site were funny, insightful and accurate. I wonder if some ass-wipe discovered his identity.

    If you have his email address, would you contact him? Thanks.

    1. ^ It'd be funny if someone really did discover his identity. Poetic justice, even. Tell me, asswipe, aren't YOU trying to discover "Mr. Infinity's" identity, too?

      And I don't really see how you are in a position to call anything garbage. Physician, heal thyself!

    2. Your mother is a piece of garbage, Mr. Insanity. She gave birth to you, after all. Of course, you came out of her ass and not her vagina.

      It's sad to see a pathetic pussy post anonymous comments in support of himself. By the way, the doctor who declared you a boy should have had his medical license pulled.

    3. Haha, well YOUR mom is so fat that her butt has its own ZIP code! (Just trying to keep things down at your level.)

      So *I'm* the pussy? I'm not the one who deletes comments that he can't cope with, you stinky Mexican bitch. Speaking of things coming out of asses (and how SHOCKING that your tiny mind would go there first, of all places), I'm pretty sure that that lump of shit you call a "baby" dropped out of YOUR ass.

      I mean, how else could it smell so fucking terrible? It's a turd FROM a turd. I'm guessing that you lick the diapers clean, too.

    4. I, Mr. Infinity, am declaring that I did not write the above comment.

  2. I don't have his e-mail, unfortunately, and hoped he'd see this post and drop in.

  3. OhioDocReviewerMay 9, 2013 at 6:36 PM

    Outside the Law School Scam is also still up and running.

  4. Hoy Crap.

    If everyone would just not be anon, things would be a lot easier and a lot easier for OLSS. It is too late in the game to hide, and all should be open and honest about their situations and grievances.

    I seriously offended the super sensitive anonymous adjunct law professor from OLSS who posted all of that outrageous stuff about Brian Leiter when I asked him for his real name and where he worked and offered to talk to him on the telephone.

    Anyway, I'm Sorry to see the Junkyard go.


    1. ^ Oh whatever, Paintroach. Nobody was sorry to see YOUR garbage blog go away. You really need to stop stalking people like the Adjunct Law Professor.

      Buy some gold, Roachie. Just between us gals, I'm currently in the market for a very rare coin right now: the exclusive "Liberty Roach." It has a face value of $350,000, but a market value of less than a nickel. Also, it has a strange habit of making all the other coins around it mysteriously disappear.

      If I had three wishes, I'd use them all on myself. But if I had FOUR wishes, I might actually waste one on you. First, all the student loan debt in America would be shifted onto your roachshoulders. Next, you would actually transform yourself into a 6 foot tall giant roach. A real one. And I'm not talking about some bullshit 1940s Lon Chaney Jr. fade-in transformation, either - more like a hardcore, John Carpenter's "The Thing" transformation. Finally, after about five minutes of the roach's thrashing around, all of its atoms would start to slowly turn into dogshit. The end result would be a flawlessly executed and extremely smelly pooproach statue - one that would make the Russian Sculptorpuss crap his panties with envy. I suppose they could put a sign on this statue to warn future generations - warn them, that is, about the hazards of being allergic to work.

    2. Derailed at My Law School: The Story of a Boner

      By now I think I have to start standing up for myself. I say that because I have always been, in the words of the dean of my law school: “A spineless, stupid little shit.”

      It was a cool, Monday morning in September when this story begins. I was alone, and busying myself with the nutty task of taping up a paper advertisement on a bathroom wall for a nutty blog I had created.

      In that blog I talk about my mundane and inconsequential experiences at a law school and narcissistically, because I think I am the only one to have ever had such experiences.

      The blog is aptly named “Law School Fail, the Mr. Infinity Blog.” It is called this because, well, to be honest, I am not the greatest law school student one has ever known, and I seem to like snakes and the devil and that is why the dean called me stupid and spineless.

      In fact, I am what one would call median, or maybe even a bit below median. It’s all the same at this point since I know that I am really a boner that plays video games.

      Anyway, I was in the restroom, hanging this paper flyer with the name of my blog in big bold black letters that I printed out from the law school’s very own printer.

      I wanted to hang it high in the crapper stall, so everyone could see it. Plus, I figured I could just come back into the restroom later on the next time I had to pinch a loaf and checkup to see if people are interested in the blog.

      Well………. the story really picks up at the moment the janitor walked in.

      He was tall, lanky, and clad in faded blue overalls, and he had a vague, far away demeanor, and had not shaved that morning and was sporting a scraggly face. His skin was light, and he had deep limpid blue and dreamy faraway eyes.

      'He is' I thought. 'A real, A real bona fide working class man, this one is.’ I thought snobbishly as the working class, whom I looked down upon with contempt, said to me, in a gruff voice:

      “What are you doing?”

      Sheepishly, I replied, "nothing."

  5. Today the owner renewed the domain for another year. Maybe there is still hope.

  6. Hi, sorry just saw this. There just wasn't enough traffic to keep it rolling. Personally, I think Nando does a much better job at the scamblogging that I ever could.

    If the site had taken off it would have been worth keeping. I did indeed let the domain expire, not sure who has it now.

    You can email me at Thanks to everyone that posted on the Junkyard, it was appreciated. Sorry I couldn't keep going with it.

    Now, with NSA snooping all over the web, I'm glad I shut it down. Peace.