Friday, April 29, 2011

Mail Bombing

An enterprising Carbozo 3L has started a mail bombing service, Resumé Launchpad, for law students. It's a glorified contact database that allows users to do targeted e-mailings to legal employers and customize the cover letter for each recipient. Having done mail merges since the DOS-era, I believe they require more expertise than many people either have or are willing to spend the time to develop. The product eliminates drudgework and fits a need.

Its Achilles heel will be the price. The site wants 25 cents per e-mail, an unsound business model, IMHO. For starters, it targets large law firms that are unobtainable. You can resumé bomb shitlaw but will run out of money before you can realize your dream to litigate bogbites. There are numerous other vendors that provide the same service, generally at a comparatively low flat cost per month.

The entrepreneur received a cold welcome on JDU. Some sample comments.
"Coming onto a message board filled with people who have been sending their CVs into the ether for months, some times years, on end and asking them to PAY for you to do it for them? That doesn't just take balls....that takes MEDICINE BALLS!"

"I like that the website features the largest firms in the country on the main page. Nice touch."

"While I applaud your initiative, resume bombing is simply not a productive strategy anymore."

"So, you're asking people to pay *you* their money for *you* to make the already deafening signal noise in legal recruitment even worse?"

"Die in a fire"

"The idea, in this economy, of sending resumes by email, unsolicited to law firms is beyond pathetic."
I don't think Resumé Launchpad is going to fly.

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  1. Just came across this post a few months after the fact. Clearly, there was a good bit of negativity on JDU, but it may have been a bit more fair to add some of the positive comments as well. If you have any suggestions on how to make the service more worthwhile, I'd be happy to hear them.