Monday, April 4, 2011


D.C. Superior Court judge declares mistrial over attorney’s competence in murder case

A presTTTTigious (note four Ts) Touro alumnus got in over his head at a D.C. murder trial. The judge declared a mistrial and dismissed the attorney, Joseph Rakofsky, basically for incompetence.
Judge William Jackson told attorney Joseph Rakofsky during a hearing Friday that he was “astonished” at his performance and at his “not having a good grasp of legal procedures” before dismissing him.
Guided by the principle, "If you're going to lose, lose big," Rakofsky picked capital murder as his very first case. His frustrated client asked the judge to replace him.

Rakofsky was admitted to the NJ bar in 2010. Not sure how his D.C. client found an unqualified NJ attorney to represent him, but here's a guess.

Look forward to a bunch of TTTyros coming soon to a courthouse near you.

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