Thursday, April 7, 2011

No surprises

Knut at First Tier Toilet has a good write-up of today's panel. I'm sure Kimber Russell will have a fulsome post shortly.

I had a number of distractions while trying to listen, but did take some notes.

Everyone stood their ground. The deans said they pander to USNWR to get a good ranking that attracts students, and then admitted that the matriculating students weren't necessarily their priority. None of them knew, or at least would admit to knowing, what the total educational debt is in the U.S. ($900B). They emphasized law school is an investment in a 30-year career; one insisted most of his students get legal jobs while another bemoaned how they borrow instead of working their way through school.

Nando pulled out his numbers and quotes, including noting Baltimore Law had raised its tuition 77% in 7 years and had spent $100 million for a new building instead of scholarships. The dean told him he was being simplistic

I think the next time they have one of these panels, I'll sit it out.

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  1. The deans and "professors" don't like when the facts get in the way of their little cartel. Reality makes them look bad.