Friday, November 6, 2015

OcTTTober 2015

Followers of the legal "profession" will be delighted to learn that hiring grew in October, as hundreds of newly-barred Florida Coastal graduates launched their career in sports and entertainment law. The United States's "rule of law" threatened by lawyer underproduction, law schools rushed into the fray and saved the day! Again! Hooray!

I cribbed the first sentence from my October 2011 post when I looked back at prior years. The legal industry has grown about 10K jobs since then; I guarantee real wages have decreased.

Not seasonally adjustedOctober20141,118,800
Seasonally adjustedOctober20141,117,300
Change from Sep-15 to


  1. Progress! Since the bottom of the Great Legal Depression, circa January 2010, the sector has added a whopping 4,300 jobs per year!

    Now the legal sector only needs to add a mere 68,400 jobs to get back to where it was in June 2007. At this rate, the sector should be back to those levels some time around 2032!

    Who said this shift in the legal sector is structural?

  2. Since January 2010, the law school pigs have dumped out roughly 245,000 JDs. As the commenter at 3:19 pm noted, the sector has seen tiny growth. What a thriving "profession," huh?!?!

  3. 700 jobs is absolutely nothing in an economy as large as ours, It speaks volumes as to the dearth of law jobs.. For a part time ministerial hearing officer gig in backwater Southern Illinois adjudicating driver license reinstatements, the Secretary of State received hundreds of applications. They were deluged. What chance does one have? There is desperation out there. My buddies out over thirty years, who are better attorneys than me, are struggling for work. One guy is answering Craig's List ads for Chinese companies seeking lawyers, in the oft chance that they are not "scams" to obtain his email address.