Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Your JD may pay off after all

We recently received the attached from ADP. Click on the image to read it (requires a PDF viewer). Short story is the Labor Department has proposed increasing the minimum salary level for exempt employees to $50,440 in 2016. Sad to think this will encompass some lawyers. Some; most would likely be fired straight away and blackballed if they claimed OT.

Still no cure for this. Suite dreams.


  1. Its even worst than you report. A salary of $50,440 is, to my under employed and unemployed law buddies, (all out a MINIMUM of 20 years) is a great gig, if you can find it. One PD gig was advertised at 32K and they were flooded with applicants. All of us solos, not by choice, had schedule C's under 40K. We have been looking for work now several years while taking on clients to make ends meet. My family receives public assistance. There are veteran attorneys working retail.

  2. You shouldn't have turned down those civil service attorney jobs available back in the late 80s and early 90s. I'm cashing out. Early retirement with lifetime health insurance for self and dependents. I attended shit school near top of class. It was the best I could do. No regrets now. Checks will be cashing for decades to come.

    1. I graduated in this era and competition for civil service jobs was keen. Even a gig in the Brooklyn Prosecutor's office had lots of interest. I tried.